338 Lapua Magnum Remington 700 MDT TAC21 338LM WEEKLY PRICE REDUCTION

338 Lapua
Right Handed or Ambidextrous

Heavy barreled Remington 700, customized for 338 Lapua Magnum, in a MDT TAC21 chassis. I don't know what model or spec the barreled action is, sorry. I acquired this firearm as part of a lot, and I don't know much about its history. It has been test fired to confirm function. I can't tell you anything more than what is written here, and what you can see in the photos. It may have been modified from factory - Anything that I have noticed I've written up here. What you see what you get - Additional photos available, and if you want me to check or measure something on the firearm, no problem.

Good condition rifle, but certainly no safe queen. It looks like it has seen honest field use: Normal wear that you would expect with normal use. Smooth action and outstanding trigger. Magpul CTR stock and Hogue grip. Matador Hammerhead brake is marked 762 5/8x24, appears to be bored out (a 357 case will fit inside the brake up to the rim). Barrel measures approximately 25.5". Includes one AI marked magazine. Ships well-packaged in a cardboard box to keep shipping costs down. It does not fully eject the live rounds that I tested it with - They angle out the side of the ejection port, easy to grab at that point. Empty brass ejects fine. The recoil and blast are actually not bad at all - I was pleasantly surprised.

NOTE that in asking around about this rifle, I was informed that it should be used with standard factory ammunition only (because of the modifications to the action to make it a 338LM). It has obviously been safely fired more than a few times, so do your research and make your own judgments. ALSO note that the rear portion of the chassis has a very slightly loose fit to the rest of the chassis. I've tried to show it in photos. It translates to a small amount of stock wobble. I'm guessing it could be easily cured with reinstallation with shim stock in the right spot, but these things are outside of my wheelhouse.

$1450 shipped, offers welcome, price will be reduced weekly until it sells

Shipping details: Shipped prices are for most locations in Canada. Includes the first $100 worth of insurance. Additional insurance at your cost: It is your choice AND YOUR RISK, but strongly recommended because Canada Post does lose things now and again ($2.36 / $100 insured value).

New rules for non-restricted sales May 18 2022: Legal name, PAL number, date of birth and email address required. I've gone through it before as a seller, not a big deal.

Yes, it is still available. No trades, sorry. As always, "as-is" - No returns or refunds unless I've made a mistake in what I've told you. If you're unsure of anything you see, ask now. I have many other items up for sale - Package deal discounts available

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