Swap/Sale - High Speed Crossbow(405FPS) along with - Upgraded speed adj Scope, bolts and foam Target


All the below included in the sale,
1) Rocky Mountain RM405 Crossbow - very accurate, light weight(synthetic stock) less than 10 arrows(bolts) shot. 

2) speed adjustable Scope 1.5-5x32 Excalibur Dead Zone - Extremely reliable (brand nee never sighted)
3) 4 carbon fibre bolts with field tips

4) Foam Target with 80% life!

5) RM Bolt Quiver - Can hold 3 bolts

An excellent way to hunt any deer through stands and/or blinds. If you manage to get the target in 50 to 70 yrds, its a kill.

will definitely consider partial or complete  swapping with a Shotgun 10 or 12 gauge for hunting.

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