Return / Refund Policy


Purchases of Ad Upgrades are final sale. No refunds.

The same applies to memberships. Both business, personal, and product maker memberships. (If you downgrade your membership, any remaining time remaining in that plan will not be credited, by refund, nor any store credit. So if you are wanting to downgrade your membership, we recommend waiting until it's close to your renewal date.)

Even in the case of ads that are suspicious and seem to be a scam. If you are suspected to be a scammer, we will still take down your ads and block you from the site even if you purchased and Ad Upgrades, or memberships, and no refund will be given.

If you are breaking certain rules, or posting ads in a certain manner in which we have repeatedly declined your ads with an email warning, you may be banned from the site for that also, and no refund given for your paid membership, nor ad upgrades. But if we are at the point of doing so, and you have an annual membership, we will most likely email you directly to give a final warning that your membership will be cancelled if you persist in whatever the behavior is. Again, no refunds for memberships, nor ad upgrades will be given if we then have to ban your account from the site.