Tips for Selling

Tips for selling firearms

R - Research
 A - Attraction
                C - Credibility (Trust)

1. Research (Find the right price, and back up your price.)

a). Research your competition

Shop around for the item you are selling, as if you were the buyer. You can guarantee that most, if not all buyers, will be comparison shopping. So try to find the same, or as close to same item, as possible on the used market. If you can't, or even if you can, check out what they are going for new. Check a few stores, both local and online, since prices usually vary. Your buyers will look for the best deal they can find and use that as their scale to what you are selling. Example; Say one of the big box stores has your exact Remington 870 on sale for $400 brand new, and yours is in descent shape, maybe even less than 100 rounds through it, but certainly is not new in box condition. The buyer doesn't care that you are asking $380 for something you paid $550 for. If it's on sale today for $400 NIB, you're just not going to sell that shotgun. Another example of that is the T97. I've seen those go from a $1,200 rifle, to $780 in just one year. I've also seen people trying to sell their used T97's for prices as if they the new ones were still the same as the price they had paid a year ago. Likely, many people who are genuinely interested in buying, will not even bother to inquire about your ad supposing that you are just too far off the mark to bother negotiating with. 

Lesson, find the real market value and watch the inquiries roll in. Multiple inquiries makes it easier to stay firm on your price, rather than getting no offers because you are overpriced.

b). Conclusion time. 

So once you've done the research, and now it's time to come to set a realistic price.

c). Back up your conclusion.

In some cases you may want to back up your conclusion in the description of your ad. You could drop the link for a comparison that you've found online. Or if it's a local store that you are comparing to, just name that store as having the lowest or most common price that you have seen.

Even if you don't add those details to your description, keep your research handy for the cases when someone is trying to barter. Then you back up your conclusion during the negotiation process if necessary.

2. Attraction (Have an attractive ad)

a) Images

Be sure to upload at least one photo. It's VERY important to make sure the photo that you upload is of the actual item that you are selling, not an image from the internet of the same type of item that you are selling. Images that are swiped from the internet generally send up warning signs of a scam. So unless you have a photo that you have taken of the actual item that you are selling, majority of potential buyers will just move on without bothering to inquire on your sale post.

Even better yet, have multiple photos showing close ups of different angles etc.

b) Description

Take the time to write a good description. It doesn't have to be long, just informative. Keep in mind that when you use, your description can be cut down significantly since there are fields that you can fill out most of the details. Like; make, model, caliber, classification etc.(Just a side note about filling out those fields. That makes your ad more searchable to those looking for what you have.) 

The description part is to paint a better picture for the viewers of your ad. There you can get more specific on condition. Even what kind of groups you've shot with it. Things that are included, maybe extra mags, or left over ammo, brass, etc. Feel free to glamorize certain bonuses that your gun may have over that of others that are for sale. Like aftermarket grips, or anything of that nature. It's good to mention the reason that you are selling. That can add some confidence to the buyer. An example might be; "It's been a good .22lr, but I seem to have more fun shooting gophers with my .17hmr. So no need to have it sitting around any longer."

(I thought I'd throw in a screenshot of another ad that does a good job with that aspect of the description, just as another example.)


Lastly for description, you may want to include any info for backing up your price. (There is more detail on that topic in the 1st section 'Research'.)

3. Credibility (Credibility offers security & confidence to potential buyers)

Potential buyers are more likely to reply to your ad, and deal with you, if they feel confident that your are legit, and honest to deal with. 

a) Phone number

If you put a phone number on your ad, that can go a long way. Especially when they see that you have an area code that is from the area that you say that you are in. 

b) Ratings

So how can you help anyone viewing your ad to feel confident that you dealing with you will be a positive experience? 

Well, probably the #1 way is to have a 5 star rating and good reviews from as many people as you can. does have a user rating and review system. People can click to view those ratings/reviews right on the same page that they are viewing your ad. (See image below)


c) How to build ratings

Let me guess, now you're thinking, "How can I start building my rating then?" Good question.

Whether you were the seller, or buyer. You can always go back in your email communication, text messages, (or however you have communicated), and ask people that you have dealt with in the past to go to your profile to give you a rating and review. 

For myself, when the member feedback system was first instituted. I had sold to a few people on GunPost already. So I just did a search in my email for "Ad Inquiry on GunPost". Then I had at my finger tips all of the email conversations that I have had through my dealings on GunPost. So I just hit reply on each of those conversations and asked my previous buyers to give me a review on my GunPost profile. Of course to make it easy for them, I gave them the URL for my profile so that they could just click it and give me a rating. 

d) Your member URL

So If you didn't know already, I'm assuming that your next question is "How do I find my member profile URL to share?" Good question.

It's always (plus your username). Example, my username is 'perreault663'. So my profile URL is (See image below)

That link will always lead to your profile page like in the image below.
If you're new to GunPost and haven't dealt with anyone there yet, no problem. Just email someone from your gun range, or wherever you have dealt with someone, and ask them to put a review up for you. Even if you were the buyer and not the seller. This member feedback system is meant for people to review buyers as well as sellers. This just adds credibility to your ads. Therefore, confidence for your potential buyers.