Someone gave me a bad review, can I have it removed?

We have recently updated our policy on usage of the Member Ratings/Reviews section. The new policy states; "You are only to post a review/rating on a seller, or buyer, that you have actually completed a transaction with. Basically, do not submit a negative review on someone when you were attempting to work out a deal and it fell through in one way or another. Only post a review if you have transferred funds, or delivered the product, whether by shipping or in person."

In cases of negative reviews, almost always are based on a disagreement between the 2 members. It would be inappropriate for GunPost admins to take sides between 2 members, especially since the deal is between the 2 members and not GunPost.

However, there are some exceptions as to when GunPost is willing to edit, or delete a negative review left on a member's account.

1. If the review violates our new policy as quoted above out of our Terms of Use.

2. If you receive a negative review and there is profanity used in the review, we will edit the review when it's brought to our attention.

3. If you receive a negative review and you feel that the review is a blatant lie, and you have evidence to support your claim, or claim that the person who gave the negative review has no evidence to support his/her claim, then please contact us. (Note: If you do contact us regarding this, it better be a blatant lie, and not just a simple disagreement about minor details.)

4. If both parties involved come to an agreement that the review or reviews should be deleted, then GunPost will delete the review or reviews.

Example on this note. We had both members involved leave bad reviews on each other. Both contacted GunPost asking for the review to be removed. We offered the option of removing both reviews or none at all, if both parties would agree to that. In this case, both parties agreed to withdraw their review and in turn, we deleted both reviews in that case.

5. If a member has already given you a bad review on your account regarding a deal, and continues to post bad reviews on your account after the first one, we will delete the further bad reviews and warn the other member to quit at the one review.