Frequently Asked Questions

Anytime that someone has emailed us saying that they are getting error messages when posting an ad, and nobody else on the site is having a problem, we ask them to clear their browser's cache. 99% of the time that fixes the problem that the member is having. The other 1% of the time they are just not filling out the form right, maybe leaving certain fields blank. Either way, those things should come up in the error message.   For those who do not understand what I mean about clearing your browser's cache, below is a brief explanation. Read more
In most cases if we block someone's account it is because there was something suspicious about an ad that they posted, or if the ad violated one of our Terms of Use. Or someone has reported a seller to be suspicious in communicating with them after replying to their ad. We tend to lean on the side of caution and block first and ask questions later if something seems suspicious about a seller on the site. We do this to protect the buyers who use GunPost. Read more
These 5 steps are exactly what we will ask you to do in that order if you contact us. So please go through the below steps prior to contacting us. 1. Often people will sign up for our email newsletter, or a free gun contest that we are offering, and make the mistake of thinking that they now have an account for buy and sell with GunPost. The two are not the same thing. So as long as you do have an account already, I can help you recover it. Read more
There are 2 ways to renew your ad. 1. You can make a new add the same way you made your old one. (If you do this, please take down your old ad if it has not already expired.) 2. You can simply pay for the "ad upgrade" of "bump up" when editing your ad. Doing this will put your ad back to the top of a search as if it is new. Then it will be another 90 days before expire. The "bump up" upgrade only costs $1.00. If your ad is already expired, you can still find it for 14 days by going to "My Account" > "My Posts" > "Expired Ads". Read more
No. Your home address will NOT be shared with other users. When someone views a post of yours, if they click "view map", they will see the general area that you are located for basic directional information. The map only uses your postal code in order to do this. That way no one can zero in on your home address. If you prefer, you can even just use the first 3 characters of your postal code to make it an even broader location. Read more
No. Your email address is NOT shared with other users. When someone inquires about your post, the inquiry goes to the website. The website then sends you the inquiry. Only when you reply to the inquiry can the inquirer see your email address, since you are now communicating directly with each other and not through the website. Read more
To sell, trade or give an air gun that is less than 500fps, or a flintlock mussle loading rifle, a PAL(Possession Acquisition License) is NOT required. Laws can change from time to time. Here is the link for CFP so that you can verify that the above summary is accurate. Or you can call them at 1-800-731-4000. Read more
​There are currently two exceptions where you do not need a PAL. A flint lock mussle loading rifle, or an air gun with a rated velocity of less than 500 feet per second. However, laws can change from time to time. So you should verify that this information is still current by checking with the RCMP at, or you can call them at 1-800-731-4000. Read more
​PAL stands for Possession Acquisition License. That is what you need to buy or possess firearms(currently with a couple of exceptions, see FAQ "Do I need a PAL to purchase firearms"). You can get one buy taking the Firearms Safety Course. Check for local ads on the internet for businesses that provide this service. They can instruct you on the application process once you complete the course and test. Read more