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I'm betting that you already know at least something about the recent gun bans in Canada that were done on May 1st. Main reason for this article is to give you some solid action items that YOU can take which can heavily impact the government decision. If we all take action together, it is very likely that we can have this reversed. If we do nothing to challenge this, they will no doubt continue down this road until they prohibit our bolt action rifles, calling them "sniper rifles". Read more
***Information below is provided by Arkadi Bouchelev from Bouchelev Law. Please note that the information below is provided for educational purposes on an “errors and omissions expected” basis, and is not to be construed as legal advice in respect of anyone’s individual case.*** 1: What is “judicial review”? In the narrow context relevant to his guide, it means a procedure by which an administrative decision of the government may be challenged in court. 2: What is the administrative decision that needs to be challenged? Read more
When not in person to make the transaction of a non-restricted firearm. The seller asks the buyer for the information on the PAL card(Name as it appears on the card, PAL #, and the expiry date), then calls the CFP at 1-800-731-4000 to ask if the PAL is still valid. If the person at the CFP says yes, then that is all you need.  Read more
If you are expecting an email from the site and not getting them;   the email for finishing your account set up  the email for a password reset  an email explaining why your ad was declined an email letting you know that your ad is active, or approved or you are getting ZERO email inquiries on your listing that you posted  More than likely, your emails from GunPost are going to your junk/spam folder in your email. So go have a look there.   Read more
When you are on the site, go to the top right corner of the screen and click "register" (On Mobile you may have to scroll down a bit a choose "create an account")   Then you will enter your desired username, then your email address in the next box.   Then you will click the reCAPTCHA checkbox which says "I'm not a robot". Then click "create account".   Then there will be a green message that comes up saying that "further instructions have been sent to your email"   Read more
There are a few ways to locate the person's profile, if the ad is still up, or if the person has other ads up, that's the easiest way. If not, do you know the person's username? If not, maybe just an email back to the member to ask them their username. If yes to one of those options above, then this article has pictures and description to help you out. Read more
The way that it works is that there are only 3 slots of top ads shown at one time. The site arranges the ads by category and location.  So when there are several ads that have been upgraded to 'Top Ad', which there usually is, the site randomly displays a different 3 each time that you navigate to the next page, or if you were to refresh the browser. Now as someone refines their search, your ad will naturally have less ads to compete with. --------------------------------------------------------- Read more
We have recently updated our policy on usage of the Member Ratings/Reviews section. The new policy states; " Member Ratings/Review section; You are only to post a review/rating on a seller or buyer that you have actually agreed on a deal with, or completed a transaction with. Basically, do not submit a negative review on someone when you were attempting to work out a deal and it fell through in one way or another. Only post a review if you have agreed on a deal, transferred funds, or delivered the product, whether by shipping or in person. Read more
Anytime that someone has emailed us saying that they are getting error messages when posting an ad, and nobody else on the site is having a problem, we ask them to clear their browser's cache. 99% of the time that fixes the problem that the member is having. The other 1% of the time they are just not filling out the form right, maybe leaving certain fields blank. Either way, those things should come up in the error message.   For those who do not understand what I mean about clearing your browser's cache, below is a brief explanation. Read more
In most cases if we block someone's account it is because there was something suspicious about an ad that they posted, or if the ad violated one of our Terms of Use. Or someone has reported a seller to be suspicious in communicating with them after replying to their ad. We tend to lean on the side of caution and block first and ask questions later if something seems suspicious about a seller on the site. We do this to protect the buyers who use GunPost. Read more