Why am I blocked?

In most cases if we block someone's account it is because there was something suspicious about an ad that they posted, or if the ad violated one of our Terms of Use. Or someone has reported a seller to be suspicious in communicating with them after replying to their ad.

We tend to lean on the side of caution and block first and ask questions later if something seems suspicious about a seller on the site. We do this to protect the buyers who use GunPost.

If you're account is blocked, you may want to have a quick read through of our Terms of Use section on the site.

If you feel like it was a mistake that your account has been blocked and would like us to re-instate your account, please contact us. 

At that point we will ask you for some form of proof as to your legitimacy of our choosing so that we can be sure that you are a legitimate seller before we re-instate your account.