I'm having trouble posting an ad

Anytime that someone has emailed us saying that they are getting error messages when posting an ad, and nobody else on the site is having a problem, we ask them to clear their browser's cache. 99% of the time that fixes the problem that the member is having.

The other 1% of the time they are just not filling out the form right, maybe leaving certain fields blank. Either way, those things should come up in the error message.

For those who do not understand what I mean about clearing your browser's cache, below is a brief explanation.

Your browser, example Google Chrome, FireFox, Internet Explorer, Safari, or whatever browser you are using, has something saved in your cache which is interfering with your ad by filling something out in one of the fields( ex. the capacity box) that is not supposed to be there. Your browser's cache can sometimes save things in it's memory and stick it in boxes that are filled out in various sites on the internet. Something is saved in your browser's cache, and that's why you are having problems when nobody else is.

If you go into your browser settings and clear your cache, which is something that is a good idea to do semi-regularly anyway for other reasons as well. You will eliminate that part of your browser's memory which is interfering with the 'post an ad' form.


If you have cleared your cache and are still having problems, please contact us. When you do email us, please give us detail as to exactly what point you are running into trouble and if there are any specific error messages that are coming up. Screenshots can be handy as well.