Why am I not getting emails from the website?

If you are expecting an email from the site and not getting them;  

  • the email for finishing your account set up 
  • the email for a password reset 
  • an email explaining why your ad was declined
  • an email letting you know that your ad is active, or approved
  • or you are getting ZERO email inquiries on your listing that you posted 

More than likely, your emails from GunPost are going to your junk/spam folder in your email. So go have a look there.


IMPORTANT NOTE on junk/spam folders:

A lot of mobile apps, especially Hotmail, the junk mail folder does not sync very often with their desktop website. So if you should have gotten an email from us, such as any of the bullet points listed above, and cannot find them in your junk mail folder on your mobile email app, check it on a desktop or laptop if you have one of those. If you only have a mobile device, try manually refreshing the junk mail page. Or, try a keyword search in your junk mail folder for "[email protected]", since that is the sending address


What to do when you find our emails in your junk/spam folder:

When you do find one of the email notifications from us ([email protected]), in your email app, likely there will be 3 vertical dots on each of your emails, click that on one of our emails, then select "mark as Safe Sender". This should stop your email service provider from sending important notifications from GunPost to your junk/spam folder on you.


What to do if you still can't find emails from GunPost in your junk/spam folder to mark as safe sender, but want to fix the issue for future email notifications:

If all of the above fail. Your email account will always have a place to "add contact". Usually it's in your 'settings' in your email app. But once you find the place to add a new contact, add "[email protected]" as a contact. 


As a bit of a side note:

Hotmail, Outlook, MSN, and Live, are all Microsoft emails. And they are incredibly bad for sending emails from GunPost to people's junk/spam folders. As where it is fairly rare that our members with Gmail, or any other email service, have issues with our emails going to their junk/spam folders.