I'm having trouble logging into my account

These 6 steps are exactly what we will ask you to do in that order if you contact us. So please go through the below steps prior to contacting us.

1. Often people will sign up for our email newsletter, or a free gun contest that we are offering, and make the mistake of thinking that they now have an account for buy and sell with GunPost. The two are not the same thing. So as long as you do have an account already, I can help you recover it.

2. Try using your email as your log in name since many people sometimes have a character wrong, or add a space where there is not supposed to be one, when they try to log in with their username, using your email just guarantees that you are not putting in the wrong sign in name.

3. Did you try the 'request new password' tab above the log in? That should send an email to you with a link that will take you to a spot in the site where you can set a new password of your choice. If you don't receive that email, please check your junk mail folder in case your email provider sent it there.

4. If you have too many failed attempts with either a wrong password or email/login name, the site will not allow access to that account for 6 hours. In that case, please do not make any more attempts for a full 6 hours before you retry. When you do retry, it's a good idea to hit the 'request new password' tab above the login boxes.

5. If you are trying to log in and you have a message pop up that you're account is blocked, then the only way to resolve this is to email us and tell us that your account is blocked and that you think this is a mistake that we blocked your account. Do NOT leave that detail of your account being blocked out when you email us. This way you don't waste our time with the other 3 steps until we finally figure out that it is because your account is blocked.

Sometimes there are various reasons that we may see fit to block an account. We tend to lean on the side of caution and block first and ask questions later if something does not seem right about your account. Usually it has to do with something suspicious about the ad you posted. We do this to protect the buyers that use our site.

If you are blocked and believe that this is a mistake, please contact us and state your username also in the email. At that point will will ask for some evidence of our choice to prove that you are a legitimate seller before we will re-instate your account. 

6. If for some reason you have not had success with the above steps, please contact us. When you do contact us, please tell us that you have tried the above steps and also let us know exactly at what point you run into the problem and if there are any specific error messages when you try to log in.