Sling Tamer  ( Patent Pending)
Sling Tamer  ( Patent Pending)

Sling Tamer ( Patent Pending)

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Have a problem with slings getting in the way in your rifle storage area?

Rifles on top of slings, tangled around other rifles in your cabinet or containment?

Ever have a rifle you didn't choose, follow the one you chose out of your cabinet?

Ever have damage because of entanglement of the slings in your cabinet?

I did too and your not alone. I searched around online and with retailers, friends, family, and most everyone told me to take my slings off and store them separately. Forget that... I came up with a fix for that problem and applied for a patent. I call it Sling Tamer and it freaking works!!! Managed to get my cost of goods lower, so, I'll passing the savings on to you... $15.00 for 3pack, because 1 just won't do. It'll ship for $5.00. 

See them in action here

Buy them here, - Siwash Sports Chilliwack, BC, - Kent Outdoors, Agassiz, BC., Hope Outdoors, Hope, BC., and at 

Standard barrel and heavy barrel available. And more applications coming soon. 

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