Is GunPost Hiring?

***UPDATE as of 21st, Oct. 2022***  We have just hired someone from the current pool of applicants for the Mon-Fri. 4:00pm-12:30am shift. 

But for February or March, we are looking to have either 1 person to work the 32 hours across Saturday and Sunday, or 2 part time people to cover the Saturday and Sunday, and split up those 32 hours required for those 2 days every week.

We will keep all applications from this pool on file and give them consideration before making a new announcement at the time of next hiring.



You would perform this work from home. Though, we are looking to hire someone who resides in Alberta at this time. Only because we want to avoid the additional bookkeeping complexities by having to deal with multiple workplace insurance boards, or other variations in employee source deductions that are different in each province.


Job Description:

In the moderator/customer support role for GunPost, you would be responsible for screening new ads that get posted on the site, and similar duties. As well as answering customer emails who are looking for tech support, or help with various issues they may need assistance with.


Equipment Requirements:

You will require a computer to work from. Preferably a desktop computer. But, a laptop will get you by.

You will also require a reliable, and high speed internet connection. If you are in an area where internet service gets frequent interruptions, and slow speeds, this job will not work for you unfortunately.


Skill Requirements/Preferences:

Any work history involved with customer support by email will be a strong asset for this position. If you have no history in answering customer support by email, that is okay. But you will need to be strong in English, grammar, and written communication skills since we need to represent GunPost in a professional manner, and be able to communicate clearly with all of our customers.

A decent level of knowledge about firearms, and everything related to firearms, in order to be effective at this job. It is okay if you don't consider yourself as an expert in this field. But there is a certain level of knowledge that you need in order to begin this job. You will always learn more about guns and everything else that gets bought and sold on this site, more and more everyday as you work here. So if you have a PAL or RPAL, and have a few firearms yourself, you are likely knowledgeable enough to start this position.

Any background in private detective work, or anti-fraud work, will also be an asset. But such work experience is not required. We can, and will train you in our anti-fraud protocols.



Probation period will be 3 months. Starting wage will be $15/hour. Opportunity for raises and advancement based on performance and promotions.


To Apply:

Please submit a cover letter and resume to

In your cover letter. Please address the questions listed below. You can address those questions in either point form or paragraph format. We are simply trying to get an idea of how close of a match you are for this position, and these questions are a good place to start. But please feel free to note anything else about you, or your experience, that you feel is relevant in considering you for this position:

  • What city and province do you reside in?
  • Do you have a PAL or RPAL (Yes or No)?
  • Do you own a few of your own guns already?
  • How long have you been a gun owner for?
  • Are you a hunter, or strictly shooting sports?
  • What types of shooting disciplines or types of firearms do you personally use?
  • Do you already have an account on ? If so, what is your profile name?
  • Have you ever worked for a company as a customer support representative? If so, which one?
  • Do you have any past experience as a private investigator, or some type of anti-fraud work? If so, please specify where, and some description on what you did in this role.
  • Please also let us know why you want to work for GunPost in the role of a moderator/customer support representative