THE ORIGINAL SKS Stripper Clip Loader Thumbsaver

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Here is me loading about 550 rounds in 20 minutes

Updated video

Designed to save your thumbs and finger tips from a bunch of unnecessary work when trying to load your 7.62x39mm stripper clips this speed loader makes short work of loading up any quantity of ammunition for your next shooting range trip!

3d printed from PLA Pro Filament the speed loaders two piece construction allows effortless insertion of cartridges into the loading chambers and with a simple swift motion your stripper clip is now loaded and can be effortlessly removed to load the next clip!

The speed loader has a built in guide for the stripper clip to rest on so that you don't have to mess around with trying to get it lined up on the first cartridge like other offerings available, just rest the clip on the guide and slide it forward to charge the stripper clip as you can see in the following demonstration video.

Colour choices currently available are RED, OLIVE DRAB or SALMON! More colours coming soon as well.

This wonderful little time saver can be yours for just $20 + $5 Canada Post to your location or purchase in person in the Vancouver/Greater Vancouver area.

Also have 5 round version with a spacer for $15 + $5 shipping or local pick up.

Payments can be made by cash, EMT, or CC order from https://www.NoBadDeh.Ca

Feel free to message with any questions.

Now also comes in 556. 

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