Pickle Rick Tactical Foregrip WK180 AR15 Airsoft GSG 15 16 Crossman FX9 MS MCR Ruger etc


Pickle Rick Tactical Foregrip

$30ea  assembled as seen in photos 

PRTG Disclaimer: This is a TactiCOOL item not Tactical, this is more of a gag/gift then it is a serious grip, I have stress tested this on a MCR 7.62x39 300rounds no issue. don't use this and think its super durable grip, its more for fun then it is for doing SF stuff INNA WOODS. The pickle in insured by CanadaPost/USPS but after that its all yours, please enjoy 

Shipping to states isn't a problem, have sent 2 dozen with no problem and they arrive faster in US then in Canada

Please take a look at my other ads I do lots of handy 3D printing, I also do custom printing and designs. 

shipping or local, I can do both not a problem just send postal code for a shipping quote 


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