Chiappa Little Badger Furniture Set

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Chiappa Little Badger Furniture Set that completely transforms the rifle from a "minimalist' rifle to more traditional, ergonomic and comfortable plinker. 

-Completely transforms the look and feel of the rifle
-Printed from durable polymer 
-Slot on the bottom of the handguard allows for same folding angle
-Retains the use of the top rail
-Ergonomic grip designed around easy reach of the controls
-Extends the LOP to 13.5 inches and adds removable ammo holder
-Threaded cap to protect the barrel threading

Included in the package:
-Stock with removalbe ammo holder
-Thread cap
-Installation instructions 

Note: Using the stock will prevent the gun from fitting in its original bag

$100 + $20 shipping anywhere in Canada

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