Type 81 lmg tactical

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Type 81 lmg
Right Handed or Ambidextrous

NEW Type 81 lmg with upgrades. More rifles/ ammo in my other adds

The Type 81 lmg is a bit heavier the the regular type 81 rifle but that weight comes from the barrel which increases its life span and accuracy. The rifle also has the front sight post all the way forward to allow for better accuracy.  All the unnecessary parts like the big clunky bipod, carry handle and boot stock have been removed to slim the rifle and modernize it. The original wood furniture has been removed and the rifle has been upgraded with an ar stock its not just more modern and better looking  but it allows a proper and more comfortable cheek weld and line of sight, the length of pull can also be adjusted just like on a regular ar rifle. the pistol grip has a modified ak grip that is very comfortable and allows you to get a grip on the rifle and be even able to to hold the rifle one handed with the original wooden grip was far too small when i wrapped my hand around it a third of my hand would have nothing to hold on to. The mlok handguard is a huge benefit as well, if you've shot 7.62x39 you know that its significantly harder to control the muzzle rise and get repeated shots in a short amount of time in a small grouping compared to other calibers like .223. but with the mlok handguard you are able to grip the rifle much farther down the barrel and have something to hold onto like the quick detach stuby grip thats pictured. the handguard also has plenty of space for other attachments like lights, lasers or what ever you'd like. In all honesty this is the best modern semiauto rifle you can get right now, its in an affordable caliber that is reliable and durable with modern benefits. if you have to get one get this one and train with it and not break the bank with expensive ammo.

what's included

Ar stock adapter

Buffer tube, castle nut

Magpul stock

Ak pistol grip

Ak gas tube cover

Mlok handguard AR style

Stuby qd grip

Adjustable tactical sling

Extra magazine

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