Low Light Firearms Training - October 16th - RockCut Range -- *tentative


Tactix Training Group is looking to hold a follwup outdoor training event on October 16th  RockCut Shooting Range (Powasson, ON)

A number of people could not make the thanksgiving weekend training events and there was a request to rerun the Low Light Course this coming weekend. 

PLEASE NOTE > we can only run this course again if we get a minimum of 8 people attending.
So please send us an email confirming that you would like to committ to attending the course and we will update you right away when we get to the numbers needed in the next few days.

RockCut is easy to get to from Toronto (3 hours north) or North Bay areas (15 mins south)

October 9th (17:00-21:00) - Low Light FireArms Course

The goal is to develop confidence and skills with firearms in low light conditions.

The course combines handheld & firearm mounted light tactics to obtain acceptable sight acquisition, execute proper sight picture & the importance of target discrimination in defensive shootings .

Some of the things we cover :

•    Principles of low light tactics
•    Weapon mounted versus hand held lights
•    Standard sights versus night sights
•    Low light/No light threat identification and acquisition
•    Search techniques
•    Effects of light on targets
•    Multiple target engagement 
•    Angles & Corners,  Tactical Geometry
•    Controlling your movement in the dark 
•    Reality based scenarios including shooting & moving

You will need a weapon mounted light and a hand held light (maglight etc)

Each course is $225 - payment via Etransfer to info@tactix-trgrp.com
You need to provide your PAL information at time of registration with us

contact us info@tactix-trgrp.com or visit www.tactix-trgrp.com

All participants will receive a certificate upon course completions.

William Horvath holds the Master Rifle & Pistol Instructor certification through the Sig Sauer Academy along with several other Law Enforcement Instructor certifications for various disciplines. In addition, Mr. Horvath is an Ontario Chief Firearms Office approved instructor for the ATC (Authorized To Carry) certification for armed guards. Based in the GTA area, he also operates a mobile training unit and is available for training provincially and nationally.

Rifles and Pistols are available for rental - please contact us for more info
Semi-Automatic non-restricted rifles in .22LR and 5.56 available for rental
Semi-Automatic pistols in 9mm and .45 are available for rentals

Visitors can book overnight accommodations in North Bay (20kms north of RockCut Shooting Range)

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