Pre 1898, Antique Status RCMP Paperwork

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Do You have an antique revolver and need some papers for it? Antique handguns can still be legally sold and mailed. They are exempt from the f**kery of Bill C21. 

Antique Status Pre 1898 Paperwork

*I can provide Antique FRT reports for any Antique Revolvers i am familiar with. Id need a minimum of 4-5 photos. The top strap, bottom strap and left and right frame photos & firing pin. ***NO belgium made guns at all, whether stamped ELG* or ELG Crown.

Happily help with these : Defenders, Defender 89, Ranger No 2, Smoker, Red jacket no 3 &4s, Swamp Angels, Terrors, F&W Bulldogs, Robin hoods, Blue Jackets, Webley Mark 1s, Mark 2's, Remington Smoots ,Colt New Lines, Thunderers, Reichsrevolvers, MAS 1873/1874/1892.

Cant and wont help with: Belgium guns of any sort, dont want the hassle of determining 380 rev vs 38 colt. No converts to 22 short or 22LR. No pinfire stuff. No velodogs. No 4th of july blank or gallery guns. Only dealing with what i know best. 

Every gun has at least 1 match, some have up to 10. Based upon barrel length, amount of chambers and the built date. Any 32rf, 38rf, 41rf ,44 webley or 44 russian I should be able to provide in 30 mins or less. I may be able to help with 41 LC guns also. Sorry no rifle verification as there are to many variations. 

*The photos attached are examples ive Verified for myself or others. All 100% genuine antiques. No grey area BS here. If its  a questionable gun, then i simple wont help with that request. 

$25 per request, if you need 2 at once $45. Free to inquire.

Step 1. Message the model or Photos. *ill notify you at this stage if its a YES, No or a Maybe i can help ya. **Some models will require CLEAR serial photos to verify them. Example: 1-5000 are antique and 5001-8000 are after 1898 and are restricted or prohibited.

Step 2. Message your payment to my Autodeposit email. Im a verified gunpost user with 180+ reviews. You will have your papers in 3 hours or less, unless i am busy, gravely ill or drop dead. 

Step 3. Enjoy your papers. * Sent via email as the clarity is much better than via text. 

* 4 years experience selling, repairing and verifying antiques. * Im in mountain time, 1 hour ahead of BC and 2 hours behind Ontario. 

*Covers CBSA, RCMP and Fish and Wildlife issues. Import, sell or transport legally with peace of mind. Shoot in the woods with ease. 

*Why me? Ive verified upward of 200-250 antiques. Some for myself and other importers and buyers

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