Zsh1-2 Bulletproof Russian helmet, stops 5.45x39


Selling my original Russian Zsh1-2 bulletproof helmet, contact me for more info. Western ballistic rating would be level III, whilst most western helmets like the PASGT and MICH are level IIIA which only stops up to .38special and 9mm from handguns. Aramid kevlar layers covered with a thick reinforced aluminium outer layer. Could potentially stop up to 5.45x39 at an angle or from far away but will definitely stop up to FN 5.7 rounds if hit head-on. Visor is rated IIIA. Oxide on Youtube has done ballistic tests on these, they're tanks that perform over their stated GOST rating, not like the shitty underperforming 6b42 the average russian infrantryman gets. Set is complete I just havent bothered assembling the visor system.

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