32 RF Long And 32 Rimfire Short Reloadables


Reloadables with round balls seated priced at: 5 for $55, 10 for $85 ,15 for $125 or 20 for $145. Shipping nationwide for $20. Compare at $80 per 5 elsewhere in Edmonton with no bulk discounts 👎. 38RF and 41RF reloadables are also available. 

Must be 18+ NO PAL needed for reloading components. Add 10 round balls for $5 or 35 for $15. Buy reloadables with projectiles seated for you, any liability of use lies on you. No loaded and live reloadables sold here, your responsibility to fill with powder and seat a primer for ignition ( 6mm or nailgun blank). 

I have no way to prove safe your firearm, the powder you use and if you choose to use 6mm blanks as ignition or nail gun blanks. I recommend using a punch to knock out spent primers, instead of a knife which marrs up the brass.

Video included for educational purposes. Any risk or injuries from your own error lies on you. I always test fit every round i shoot before i fire it,example: I test it in the cylinder chamber and then the bore of my gun too. Especially important with 41rf and 44 russian where the bore is tapered less than the cyl chamber diameter. Safety first. 

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