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Dakota DS39 Gun Safe for Sale - Retail price is $3050, but this one has minor (like you can hardly see it)paint damage, so the price has been reduced to $2800. Brand new high quality safe with the following features:

59x39x24 - 950 lbs.
13/13/13 gun rack capacity
1 hour 45 minute / 1250° Degree Fire Rating
10 Gauge Fully Continuous Welded Body
True Composite Door
4 Way Bolt Works
14 massive 1.5" Active Locking Bolts
Anti-Pry Tabs
Slip Clutch
Gray Carpet Interior
Modular Interior Design
Reinforced Shelves
Door Organizer System
Light Kit Installed
Inside Power Outlet
Palusol Heat Seal
Cold Smoke Seal
Black Chrome Hardware
5 Spoke Handles
Ornamental Hinge Caps
Manual Keyed Dial lock

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