(PRICE DROP) XS Night Sights (tritium) front and rear, Beretta 92/96

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Brand new, never installed. 

I bought these style of sights for my Glock, and loved them. So I ordered a set in from the US and when I went to install them, I realized my older Beretta has the front sight as part of the slide itself, no dovetail cut. So I can't install these.

The price in that screenshot is in US dollars, and you have to pay shipping, duty, additional export fees, and you need an exporter to get them here. So my price is more than reasonable and I'm already taking a bit of a loss on them.

They are great for any kind of shooting light situations, even in pitch black, zero light, they still glow bright, front and rear.

Super fast sight acquisition. Like I said, I have them on my Glock and I love how they work.

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