Raven 556 Custom Ambi Top Charging Handle for Lockhart Tactical Raven 5.56

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Due to Lockhart's original Gen 1 top charging handle causing excessive wear on the upper receiver and posing a risk of ineffective locking during shooting (potentially leading to a reciprocating motion that could hit the eye), I commissioned an overseas firearms factory to custom-make another batch of ambidextrous charging handles for the Raven 556. They are high quality, working perfectly and smoothly in the Raven.

The charging handles will be entirely in 7075-T6 aluminum with a black military-spec hard-anodized finish. If you're not a fan of Lockhart's original Gen 1 latchless charging handle, you won't want to miss this batch of customized quality products. 

Due to the custom nature, limited quantity, and high costs, each charging handle will be $119 plus $20 for shipping. This batch of handles will reach Canada in around 20-25 days (depending on the speed of customs clearance.) You only need to prepay a $39 deposit via EMT; I'll ship in order of sequence once the charging handles arrive in Canada. You'll need to make the final payment before I ship them to you.

My Email: [email protected]

  • Important Notice: When making the E-transfer, please ensure you include your order information, your name, email address, and mailing address in the transfer notes to help us accurately verify the payer information and avoid any confusion. If your bank does not allow you to send a note message, you can send a separate email with your EMT reference number for further confirmation.

※ The video of the Lockhart Raven OEM charging handle reciprocating during firing and the image of upper receiver wear are sourced from @杨杰 on FB; the images of the DPMS Gen 2 modifications in the video are sourced from @Nesnah Nat on FB & @pinnedtofiveoutdoors on IG and YouTube.

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