No PAL MAS 1873 Antique .45/11mm french ordnance

Firearms Handguns
No PAL Required
Very Good
Right Handed or Ambidextrous

Selling an all matching MAS 1873 revolver in very good looking condition in its original 11mm french ordnance chambering, a round similar to 455 webley. Original condition, the surface hasn't been dremel polished like some old guys who think "like new" is somehow supposed to look like without accounting for all the resulting loss in markings' depth. Dated 1883, it makes for a nice reference piece for the standard service Mle 1873. Original grips. Cases and bullets are readily available to purchase as well as dies to reload your own ammunition for it.

Everything functions extremely smoothly in both SA and DA. The extractor rod spring at the end of the extractor assembly that pulls/holds the extractor rod locked against the center pin is very strong which will ensure it does not suffer the issue some of these have with their rod flying out of lock and sending the rod into the chamber or against cylinder. Left side's lower half has some very light freckles near cylinder area, alongside trace amounts around the actual cylinder and a darker spot inline of where it probably stayed under the top strap for some time but other then that is in very well kept condition. Base of hammer and trigger retain some of their golden straw finish.

The chambers are in very good condition and the barrel retains very strong sharp rifling with light speckles of black powder wear. Chambers have been oiled and cleaned and I've extensively oiled the gun to protect condition. The left grip has a slight top end wiggle of about 1mm from wear

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