winchester 1894 rare.
winchester 1894 rare.

winchester 1894 rare.

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  • Rifles
Very Good
  • Winchester
  • 30-30 Win.

You wont find another one like it for sale.. very nice condition. Looking to sell or trade for something of equal value , I got to many guns in the safe. This was made 1915.

 Super rare Winchester 1894 made for the Royal Navy in WW1, one of only 5000 model 1894 SRC ( Saddle Ring Carbine ) made for fullfill a contract for the Royal Navy.  These rifles have the D.C.P. stamp proof on the top the barrel, near the receiver ring. They are super rare , and this one is in very nice shape for these kind of rifle.  All original, never touched or messed with, all original finish on it.  Wood has never been touched or sanded.  Finish is very nice, only small area on the top of the receiver who have flacking / small pits due the salted water of the ocean.  The action is tight like a new rifle, and the bore is mirror bright, no wear at all.  The stock and forearm has a very little stamp and is stamped W.EDWARDS !  So probably a Navy crew or the name of a boat.  Research will need to be made on this. 

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