Tuff Coat Scope covers 2 sizes and 7 Colors $20 shipped.

Optics Miscellaneous

Extremely Durable fully Waterproof 3mm Neoprene Scope cover with a unique tethering system designed to help you never lose another one. Finger loops enable fast quiet removal. My design will protect your optic from Wind snow Mud and Rain as well as bumps and bruises during transport, storage, and adventures in the field. TUFF Coat Comes in two sizes, Medium and Large. Medium will fit optics in the 3- 9x 40mm or 4- 12x 42mm range. Medium has a slip-on opening of 9.5 inches and a minimum of 13 inches in length and maximum of 15 inches in length and is available in 7 colors    Orange Camouflage Gray Purple White Tan and Black Large is meant for Optics that have and Objective diameter of 50/52mm and has an 11-inch opening with a minimum of 15 inches long and a Maximum length of 17 inches. Large is available in Both Black and CAMO.   Multiples of each are available. $20 shipped each.

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