Online Pistol Training Course


Want to learn how to shoot fast and accurately? 

We've recently launched an online pistol training course and training forum directed at the new and amateur shooter from the ground up.   

This course is composed of more than 7 hours of video content of the entire spectrum of the shooting skillset; from the first steps of safe firearm handling to accurately shooting 6 rounds in a second. It also includes a dry-fire and live-fire training plan to keep you focused on your skill development over 70 days.

This course is highly applicable to law enforcement and military personnel who are looking for more in-depth instruction and skillset than their agency can provide. 

To view course feedback from students who have taken the course, or further information feel free to contact us and visit our website under "Member Details" - "View Website"!

We also run a free course draw once a month. Visit the website to find out how to get entries. 

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