Set B) NIJ lvl 3 Ceramic/PE Ballistic Plates, AK proof

Shooting & Range Gear Body Armour

Brand New Level 3 Ceramic Ballistic Plates.

Complete your load-out with a brand new NIJ level 3 ceramic/PE ballistic plate(s) in shooters cut. Heavy duty and light weight. Perfect for plate carriers, backpack/laptop bag insert, etc. Price for set is $425 - shipping included while stock lasts. Small gift included with every purchase. Check my other ads for rifles, body armor and accessories!

  • Shooters Cut, single curve
  • Price for set is $425
  • Check out my profile reviews for peace of mind 
  • Shipping in Canada is included
  • Size - 10" x 12"
  • Weight - 2.1kg
  • Rated to protect up to 7.62 NATO.
  • Use at your own risk
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  • Stay Safe!
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