SKS 5 Round Carbon Fiber Polymer Clip Mag - Better than Magazines!

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Duck bill mags for the SKS are a pain. They are very large, awkward, and expensive. The original steel stripper clips are also a pain because as a Canadian, you can only load half at a time, and they don't protect your cartridges from damage.

This 5 round clip is the solution you have been looking for! These are compact and and easy to use.  They stack well for storage and transport in ammo cans. Loading cartridges into the 5 round clip is easier that loading a magazine or a metal clip.  

To use the clip, insert the square corner first with the notch lining up with the clip retainer on the bolt. "Roll" the clip forward into place. Push the follower firmly straight down to load cartridges. "Roll" the clip backwards out of the chamber.

These are $50 for a set of 5 clips - Local pickup.

Minimum order of $100 (10 clips) to ship. Buyer pays shipping. $18

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