MP5 Kit for the GSG-16 (fits long and short barrels)

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This kit outfits your GSG-16 to look like a classic MP5! All parts are a direct fit and attach using existing hardware; not permanent modifications to the gun are required. The parts are made from a durable nylon resin and are sanded/painted for a smooth finish. The kit will fit either a long barrel or short barrel, but you must indicate which when ordering (the charging tubes are slightly different). 

There are two kits shown: One is a basic kit that includes a charging tube, rail delete, handguard, and stock. The other is a full kit that includes everything in the basic kit with the addition of an Ambi-style trigger housing. Replacing the trigger housing is a little more involved than the rest of the parts; if you aren't comfortable doing a full breakdown go with the basic kit, but if you're ok to reassemble the trigger group the full kit completes the look.

The cost on the cost on the basic kit is $ 150 + shipping, and the cost on the full kit is $ 200 + shipping. Shipping is $20 within Canada. Parts can be purchased individually through my other ads, but this kit includes a package discount so no substitutions. All parts are made to order so please allow a few days for manufacturing. 

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