Near Excellent (1864 Civil War S&W No.2 )

No PAL Required
Smith & Wesson
32 RF
Old Model No.2 Army

32 RF Long Design. $1750 Local or shipped to keep it fair to everyone . Actually worth $1900-2300 with a beautiful look and functional status. Nobody is buying anything over $600 lately it seems. I got a good deal so im passing on the good vibes with $175-400 of savings here. Full shipping insurance for $40 EXTRA. 

These were made from 1861 til 1874. Only 3 of these for sale in Canada right now in July 2021. Compare at $2150-2300 in BC with no video assurances. That said he's got good products too and if he sells a lemon he will fix it. If you buy it and break it , im not repairing it. Hard to give a warranty on an item thats 120-160 yrs old, you could drop it, fire smokeless through it, Canada post could damage it, you could shoot hot loads through it and so on. Thats why shipping insurance is a MUST in my opinion. 

My Blank Test fire video here:

 Videos are an added value of assurance its not a wall hanger. Keep blued guns well oiled for the glossy show room look. If you neglect to oil it over time itll look like crap. Light years better than a smiths patent 1873 & the tip up model 1 &1/2. Outlaws & lawmen loved these guns over a century ago. The american civil war saw thousands of these in action. With provenance of any kind these are probably worth more than some of your cars or boats. If you ever are lucky enough to prove provenance or get one with it, its your hot ticket to a downpayment on a house or an early retirement. Ive seen some go for $5000-50,000 USD which is like $6500-62,000 CAD its a whack of money. 

This is the 3 Pin safer design that replaced the 2 pin prior design. 6 inch barrel, perfect bore, near excellent overall by my standards, hinge is tight, holds cocked, indexs properly most of the time (8/10) sometimes indexs 10 in a row perfectly other times 5 in a row. Lockup is great . Minor handling marks on grips with varnish intact and no cracks. Its test fired so itll fire blanks all day long. You can probably fire live rounds but it would be at your risk, id stick to black powder if you do. 

  The FRT is Available. To buy YOU must provide Proof Of Age. 

If you got a PAL buy the ammo too and ill hook up a DISCOUNT if you dont low ball me to death. Contact me to purchase at any time, i dont work a 9-5. 

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