MARCH 2.5-25 X 52 MOA with MTR5 reticle

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I'm selling my March 2.5-25 x 52mm rifle scope with the MTR5 reticle in second focal plane. Has zero stop. Scope is in LIKE NEW condition. Comes with original box, papers, power lever, original caps plus March leather lens caps, sunshade and mirage disk. Magnification range is 10 times from 2.5 to 25! Scope focuses from 10 yards to infinity so great for rimfire as well as centerfire. It's a March where each scope is hand built by one technician with the best glass in the business.

Current retail (on sale) is $3501.23 + HST = $3956.39

I'm looking for $2750 shipped to majors Trades I would consider (+/- cash) would be H4350, F-Class rifle in .308 or .284 Win. or ???? I'm fussy so please don't be upset if I pass on a trade offer.

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