Amp Annealing Services - ***Canada Wide***

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Hi there!

I have my AMP mark 2 induction annealler ready to get to work on your brass! 

I have over 33 pilots (see attached picture for breakdown) 

My services include universally decapping your brass, SS tumbling/vibratory tumbling, inspecting and then finally anneal your brass. 

Canada Post flat rate boxes are the most economical way to ship Canada wide x-small - $16.99  small - $19.99 med - $24.99 large - $32.99 (up to 11lbs per box) Tracked and insured for $100 bucks

Cost is $20 per 100 cases.  Now If you would like to send a bigget  shipment I am more then willing just to do a bulk charge to make it easier on you. 

Reloading is my passion and I love every second of it, please don't hesitate to message, text or call me. I'm located in NB. 

If I don't have the pilot you need or are unsure of what one you require for your cartridge, please message me and i'll be able to let you know. In the event I don't have the pilot required I will order it for you. 

Annealing in simple terms is heat treating your brass to ensure the brass isn't hardened (which causes cracks etc.) Annealing after each firing is paramount in gaining the absolute BEST results your load can produce. With annealing you can rest assured your shoulder bump, neck tension will always be consistent and repeatable. A massive increase in case life, and tighter and more consistent groups. Take that worn out and work hardened brass and get it revived like new again!

Can't wait to get in touch with you :)


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