7mm08 ammunition (assorted)


I bought up a bunch of 7mm08 ammo, then discovered that my gun shoots light-grain bullets better than heavy ones. So, selling all my heavier-grain 7mm08 ammo. Can deliver within Whitehorse. Will sell together for 100$, or separately as listed below.

FEDERAL Fusion bonded soft point (140 grain) originally $44.99, selling for 30$/box

HORNADY Superperformance (139 grain), I shot 2 rounds of it. Originally $52 for the box, selling for 30$

10 rounds (half box) WINCHESTER Ballistic Silvertip (140 grain), full box was originally 64.99, selling for 20$

8 rounds HORNADY Precision (150 grain), box was $55.99, selling for 10$

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